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When you drink Hendrick's Gin, it takes you to the most curious place of all, The Giniverse.

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Brand Book (click image to open):



Animations for social:

Enter the Giniverse Experience:

People will find out about the experience through OOH, Instagram and Hendrick's bottles in liquor stores.

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Hendrick's Experience: Listen to the white rabbits at these locations as they will lead you to the Giniverse.

VO: Hope you had an elegant ride. It's time to embark on a curiosity adventure through the city. There's more to hear at the concert hall. Keep an eye out for more white rabbits.

VO: Let botanicals occupy your day. Curiosity is close to the fountain at the park.

VO: Dreams flow like water where I'm from. Find the trap door for your next hint.

VO: Good day fellow wanderer. What a fantastic day to be curious. Dare to take a peek at the lion's den for your next clue.

VO: Congratulations. Enter the Giniverse by following my friends inside. Curiosity awaits.

VO: Follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole to the Giniverse.

VO: Welcome to the Giniverse. Where curiosity roams free.

Once you gather all of the clues, this is where you end up.

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Art Director: Mellette Mackie

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