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It only makes sense the richest cheese has a place for you to get rich.

Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_5.png

Users will see OOH in grocery stores/banking platforms, hinting them to join the cheeseconomy.

Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_3.jpg
Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_2.jpg
vel_bank mockup comp.png

Then when people see Velveeta packaging, they're one step away from joining the cheeseconomy.

Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_9.png

Everyone in the cheeseconomy starts as a "shellionaire." They can get richer with actual money or promo codes inside Velveeta packages.

Miranda and Luke_Velveeta 1.jpg

Velveeta Activation: The Richness Rig

vel_brinks truck article.png
Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_6.png
Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_7.png

The "Richness Rig" will be stopping at AVMs (Automated Velveeta Machines), making sure there's enough gold bricks for everyone. 

Miranda and Luke_Velveeta_8.jpg

Art Director: Miranda Arias

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